An alternative to Podia for selling digital goods

SellApp is a great alternative to Podia that boasts an optimized checkout flow, no-code store builder, and much more. Let’s dive in!

Custom Storefront

With SellApp, easily customize your storefront with our no-code store builder.

Store Staff

Invite staff members on a permission-based policy and manage your store more effectively

Instant Payouts

Immediately get access to your earnings, no longer do you need to wait for week-long payout periods.

Why creators are making the switch from Podia to SellApp.

Podia is extremely good if you require complex workflows that involve quizzes, students, and communities. For everything else, there's SellApp.

Podia boasts many complex features. This has caused the Podia dashboard interface to look bloated and complex to traverse. What's complex as well, is their pricing structure which starts at 8% fees, excluding mission-critical features that are locked behind paid add-ons. There are some other factors to consider when deciding between SellApp and Podia:

  • If your business grows and you want to add store/support staff, Podia charges you for an add-on to enable this functionality.
  • Podia does not support website embeds natively, unless you upgrade your store to a more expensive plan.
  • Despite an 8% fee on the free plan, Podia does not include custom domains in this plan.

Podia is an excellent platform for creators with very complex use-cases, but the focus on this specific segment has driven away others looking for a simpler, better, alternative.

What is the best alternative to Podia in 2024?

Podia is better for you to use if you were to want to sell courses, or if you need to use complex workflows. If, on the other hand, you simply want to sell digital downloadables, subscriptions, text/serial based items, or services, SellApp is a better fit for your needs.

SellApp: The alternative to Podia in 2024.

SellApp is our definitive answer to the problem of digital commerce. Selling digital goods should be easy, affordable, and fast. We're making it our mission to make this happen.

SellApp compared to Podia

Store Tickets
Store Staff
Paid add-on
Live Chat Support
Storefront Builder
Payout Country Support
Cryptocurrency Support
Multicurrency Support