Introducing CoinMall

The Crypto Marketplace For Digital Goods


Free, private and global.

Sell your digital goods for free, securely, anywhere at any time.


CoinMall is free to use. No monthly fees, no listing fees and no transaction fees.


We value privacy. That's why all uploaded files and private messages are encrypted.


CoinMall is globally accessible. No need to install additional software.

CoinMall Supports Multiple Cryptocurrencies

Multi-Crypto Support

We provide the ability to choose with which cryptocurrency you'd like to pay or get paid in. In addition, we offer seamless on-site crypto exchanging thanks to our ShapeShift™ integration.

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Why we're a better alternative to eBay, OpenBazaar, Amazon or Particl.

Fee Estimation Done Right

We understand users want to pay as little network fees as possible. That's why we have implemented a smart fee estimation system for all site withdrawals.

  • Making sure withdrawals are included in the next block
  • Never overpay on transaction fees again
  • What you earn is what you receive
Low Fees

Escrow Transactions. For Free.

Thanks to our built-in Escrow system and wallet infrastructure, we are able to provide users with free Escrow transactions.

  • Truly 0 fee transactions, allowing for low-value payments
  • Helping vendors save additional overhead costs
  • Zero risk of fraud or charge-backs

Easy Access

For global eCommerce to take place, it's important to have a platform which is easily accessible. With CoinMall, all you need to get started is an internet connection and a web browser.

  • Zero complexities involved in shopping or vending
  • No need to install additional, unreliable software
  • Conveniently access CoinMall on any device
Easy Access
Pseudonymous Marketplace

Privacy Matters

CoinMall is a pseudonymous platform. This allows for complete anonymity whilst buying or selling products.

  • Zero personal payment information is collected
  • Access CoinMall over Tor, a VPN or RDP
  • No personal documents required


  1. Yousef started researching and looking into the idea of CoinMall. Initial work and draft was started.

  2. CoinMall was coming along and readied itself for its MVP launch. Xough Technologies Limited was incorporated in the U.K.

  3. MVP of CoinMall was released.

  4. Two experienced full-stack developers were added to the CoinMall team.

  5. Alpha of CoinMall will be released. Strategical partnerships amongst various companies in the ecosystem will be forged.

  6. Beta of CoinMall, mobile app will be released.

  7. Various supplementary projects will be launched.


Are there fees for using CoinMall?

Unlike marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon, there are absolutely zero fees for using CoinMall. You can simply sign up and start buying or selling instantly.

What products am I able to sell on Coinmall?

You are able to sell any digital product that comes to mind, such as eBooks, domain names and online services.

Why isn't CoinMall decentralized?

Unlike Particl or OpenBazaar, CoinMall isn't decentralized. We haven't chosen to create a decentralized platform since such platforms are too complex to use for buyers and sellers alike, in addition to being prone to sybil attacks and are not easily accessible. We believe for true global eCommerce to occur, accessibility and ease-of-use are a priority.

How private is CoinMall?

In addition to encrypting all uploaded files and private messages, CoinMall is a pseudonymous marketplace. We do not collect or verify any private information about any of our users.

What countries are supported by CoinMall?

CoinMall and cryptocurrencies are permissionless and globally accessible. There are no barriers to entry, we welcome anyone.

How safe is CoinMall?

Our Escrow system incentivizes both buyer and seller to transact accordingly and ensures funds cannot be stolen by either party of the transaction.